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East meets West and blend in harmony
to create pure equilibrium...

Beauty Therapy Dorset Massage

Luxury Massage and Yoga Dorset

Yoga and Massage Treatment Journeys

These Outstanding Treatment Journeys, especially designed by Simona Marguerita for Lusso, are Intricate, Sophisticated and Holistic. Combining Yoga and Massages…Creating Journeys to Rebalance Mind, Body and Soul.

"A massage from Simona is the ultimate in regeneration, relaxation and refreshment. Most highly recommended!" ~ Andrea Prosser

Journeys utilise Therapy Techniques from around the world, bringing together the Ancient Therapeutic Powers of the Dead Sea Waters with the Intensely Pampering Massage Rituals of the Orient and Yoga Teachings from Ancient Indian Traditions.

Our Yoga and Massage Treatment Journeys unfold Holistic Paths that open your Inner Psycho energetic Channels to nurture your Life Force. Taking Your Wellbeing to New Heights!

Indian Jewel Journey

  • 90 minutes ~ £68

A Traditional Personalised Yoga Lesson Tailored to each Client, followed by Deep Relaxation.
This treatment concludes with an Ancient Indian Head Massage to release all tensions…Leaving your Body, Mind and Spirit in Perfect Harmony.

Harmony Yoga Massage Journey

  • 90 minutes ~ £78

This Journey Starts with a Yoga Lesson Tailor Made for You, followed by a Soothing Harmonious Full Body Massage that Balances the Body, Stills the Mind and Feeds the Soul.
Balanced in Harmony…A State we call Pure Equilibrium.

Pure Swedish Massage

  • 90 minutes ~ £67
  • 60 minutes ~ £57
  • 45 minutes ~ £47

Recognised as the first systematic method of modern massage in the western world and remains one of the most popular massages for clients who are new to massage. Deeply refreshing and relaxing.

Peace Hot Stone Massage

  • 90 minutes ~ £67
  • 45 minutes ~ £47

A deeply relaxing massage using Hawaiian hot stones to release any tension from the body and leave the mind at peace.

Clarity Indian Head Massage

  • 45 minutes ~ £42

This massage is based on ancient Indian head massage techniques. A head, neck, shoulder, arm and face massage is performed to improve concentration, promote hair growth and induce pure relaxation.

Comfort Lomi Lomi Massage

  • 90 minutes ~ £67
  • 45 minutes ~ £47

This journey combines a luxury full body exfoliation followed by a comfort massage using elbows and forearms to leave muscles relaxed, skin silky soft and the body and mind balanced.

Tranquillity Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage

  • 90 minutes ~ £67
  • 45 minutes ~ £47

Tranquillity uses the Japanese art of Shiatsu, Swedish and sports massage techniques to leave muscles relaxed and skin supple and toned.

The journey involves an invigorating body exfoliation and deep tissue massage.

Each treatment journey starts and finishes with the gentle chime of Tibetan symbols.

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