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Surrender to the practice and see what happens!...

Yoga Dorset

Yoga Dorset

Lusso Yoga Practice

Yoga at Lusso will take your Wellbeing to a place you never quite imagined possible.

Retreat from the Frantic World and Step into Svadhyaya Studio…
Light and Airy with Real Wood Panelled Floors and Sumptuous Fabrics and Furnishings.
A  small Peaceful Sanctuary in which to Retreat from the World Outside…Embark on the Journey of Yoga.

Svadhyaya Studio Provides the Perfect Environment for Our Small Intimate Practice’s and Retreats.

Lusso Offers Private One to One Practice and Guidance, Giving You Bespoke Undivided Attention.
Or, Why not join one of our Mixed Ability Practices where you can Retreat from the Hectic World outside and Enjoy the Transformative Effects of our Yoga Practices.
Lusso Yoga uses Mindful Based Approaches…
These are a Culmination of Eastern Traditions and Western Psychologies.

"LUSSO yoga flows perfectly and takes me into a zone I never imagined possible.
This yoga helps me find myself again!
I leave each class with an inner healing... a feeling of warmth and balance!" ~ Diane Ward

Our Styles of Yoga Include


Traditional Indian Teachings combining postures, yogic breathing, proper Diet, positive thinking and meditation for your physical and mental health as well as spiritual growth.


A system of Postures to control the mind through control of energy, promoting good health, giving control over the body and mind.


Teaching our students to coordinate movement with breath to flow from Pose to Pose.

Restorative Yoga:

Practice with the Use of  Props and Holding Simple Poses to Achieve a Deeper Level of Relaxation.

We Demonstrate, Adjust, Correct and give Alternatives.
Modifications are always Given if you cannot do the full pose or have an injury.

Lusso Focuses on … What you Can Do!    Rather…Than What You Cannot Do!

Lusso Practice are…  Non-Competitive  and  Non-Judgemental

These are  just some of the many Physiological , Psychological and Biochemical Benefits of yoga:

  • Increased Strength and Bone Density
  • Protects The Spine
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Circulation
  • Increases Lymph flow
  • Regulates Adrenal glands
  • Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Eases Pain
  • Prevents IBS and other Digestive problems
  • Improves anxiety and Panic attacks.
  • Reduces Depression
  • Good for Sleep
  • Increases Self Esteem
  • Benefits the Nervous system
  • Improves Posture
  • Respiratory Efficiency Improves
  • Lowers Cholesterol

We Focus on Coordinating the Physical effort with the Spiritual intention!

The Lusso choreographed practice smoothly guide  you from Pose to Pose with Effortless Flow Synchronising your Breath with the Movement of your Body.

This combined with Guided Meditations, Visualisations, Breathing Techniques, Poetry,Affirmations  and Ancient Teachings of The Yoga Sutras Together with our own carefully chosen healing sounds and music… Will help you Regulate your Breath, Feel Steadiness within the Body, leading to a Clear, Calm, Mind and better Coordination.

Stress and Tensions are released, Develop Strength, Flexibility and Stamina of the Body , Mind and Soul!
Strength is not just about having strong muscles… strength is also having a strong mind and an open heart!

Whether you want Pure Relaxation, have an Amazing Workout or maybe want to get in Touch with your Spiritual side. Whatever your body type or temperament …Lusso will provide a practice for you!


Vinyasa Flow and Restore Yoga

Breath and movement synchronisation for the purpose of internal cleansing. These synchronised movements smoothly transition you from pose to pose in fluid and graceful movements.

The Vinyasa Sequence concludes with a Wonderful Restoration…Invoking Profound Rest.

Pure Sivananda Yoga

Traditional, Slow paced, Meditative Practice that helps encourage proper breathing, flexibility, strength and vitality in the body while completely calming the Mind.

A typical Practice includes Breathing Exercises (Pranayama ), Warm ups including Sun Salutations, 12 Basic Postures (Asanas) and deep Profound Relaxation.

Relax, Restore and Reconnect

Restorative Yoga with the use of Props and Prolonged holding of Poses to Achieve a Deeper level of Relaxation.

This Practice slows down the pace of life…Gives You an Excellent Opportunity to Disconnect from the Frenetic Activity of Daily Life.

It Offers a Welcome Respite among the Turbulence of Life and helps prepare the mind for Meditation and Deepened Awareness.
The Comfortable Pace of the Restorative Yoga Opens the Doorway to a Deeper Understanding of Your Own Body.

If you have never Experienced this type of Yoga…Allow this to be Your Personal Invite.

Rise and Shine Surya Namaskar Yoga

Traditional Asana practice working with the Sun/Solar Energy, Dynamic and Strong.

This morning practice is Powerful, Therapeutic and Transformative- Involving strong body work that will result in an Extraordinary  State of Physical Health and Abundance of Energy.

The Inner heat and Passion Generated in this practice burns away Emotional and Energetic Obstacles from the body…Leaving you Revitalised yet Calm.

Candlelit Chandra Namaskar Yoga

The Studio is Flooded with Candlelight and the setting is Pure Calm…

Allow us to Guide you through a deeper, more restorative flowing practice, working with the Moon/Lunar Energy…Cultivating a Soothing Rejuvenation.

The Body slowly Realigns and Opens, Encouraging Deeper Relaxation and Promotes a better Nights Sleep.

Transformational Yoga Flow

A Soulful Vinyasa Flow that Builds Heat, Strength and Flexibility while allowing the Mind to Calm and Tensions to Dissolve.

Transformational Yoga Works at a Deeper level to Release Toxins that have Accumulated through a Stressful Lifestyle, Emotional and Mental Frustration.

The Effects of this Yoga Practice are Felt Immediately and are carried over into your everyday life bringing Equilibrium and Serenity into the Physical Body, the Emotions, the Mental Mind and the Soul.

Evening Yoga Ritual

A Wonderful Evening Practice,Designed to Dissolve Stress and Tensions as it Lengthens and Opens your Muscles.

You will learn to use your Alignment to Expand your Breathing Capacity, Nourishing your Body and Balancing your Entire Being.

Feel a Sense of Calm wash over you... Preparing you for a Good Nights Sleep.

Each Practice has a Specialised Focus and is Personally Guided by Simona Marguerita

The Yoga Practice Develops….
Elongation of the Body, You Stand taller, Feel Looser and you have a Wonderful Sense of Inner Space and Peacefulness, Profound Feeling of Calm and Serenity.

A Feeling of Lightness and Peace Pervades…

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