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Time stands still...
...a sense of deep relaxation washes over you

Beauty Therapy Dorset

Yoga, Massage Rituals and Beauty Therapy Treatments

Lusso Signature Treatments

Lusso Signature Treatments have been devised to address clients increasing desire for authentic treatment experiences.

Chakra Balance Journey

Pure Equilibrium.

  • 2 hours ~ £80

Yoga Lesson based on a seven part sequence.
Entering, warming up, Standing poses, Balancing poses, Back bends and Inversions, Finishing poses and Shavasana.

Each posture follows the seven points of energy on the chakra system.

The final pose Shavasana is just beginning of the profound relaxation endured throughout a personalised massage…Transporting you into a healing world.

Lusso Rose Influence

Tempting, relaxing, sensual.

  • 90 minutes ~ £75

A rose petal foot bath invites you to unwind before compressions of warm towels infused with rose oils are placed over the back to eliminate deep seated muscular tension.

A stress relieving massage using rose oils is performed to soothe the body and finally a renewed radiance facial to rejuvenate, firm and revitalise the face while a head massage clears the mind.

"Quite possibly one of the most beautiful experiences in massage I have had, the only way I could describe how I felt after - was euphoric." ~ Kelly... Owner of Zoukinis

Lusso Time Ritual

Time is a rare gift.

  • 90 minutes ~ £77
  • 2 hours ~ £87
  • 2 hours 30 minutes ~ £97

Lusso bespoke 'Time Ritual' encourages you to book time rather than specific treatments.

Allow us to create a treatment specifically for you depending how you want to feel.

Experience a selection of treatments from our advanced facials to cleanse and soothe you, treatment journeys to nurture and relax you and finishing touches from our luxurious beauty therapy treatments to enhance you.

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