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Within you there is a Stillness and Sanctuary to which you can Retreat at any time and be with Yourself...
Meet the most Important Person in your life... meet You!

Lusso Yoga Retreats Dorset

Yoga Retreats Dorset

Retreats give you the gift of time, Time to Focus on Yourself, your Needs and what makes you Happy Reconnecting you to your Life’s true Purpose.

Lusso Yoga Retreats
12.30pm - 4pm -  £35 

Advanced Bookings only as Limited Spaces.  

Lusso Provides Mats, Blankets and Props….

Just Bring Yourself and Enjoy!

It is the weekend... Escape the Frantic world and Retreat to Lusso, where you can Unwind and Surrender to a Transformative Yoga Practice.

Relax in our Santosha Lounge and Enjoy Complimentary Tea Infusions.

Lusso’s Svadhyaya Studio Provides the Perfect Ambience for your Yoga Practice.

Prepare to Surround yourself with the Twinkling of Candlelight, Breathe in the Blissful Aroma of Eastern Incense and let us take you on a Journey.

Bringing your Focus onto the Breath, Synchronising the Breath with the Movement of your Body.

Embracing Stillness and being at Ease with yourself in this Nurturing Environment…open your Inner Nature.

Lusso Yoga Retreat Dates:

  • Saturday 25th August 12.30pm - 4pm
    Lusso Wimborne
  • Saturday 29th September 12.30pm -4pm
    Lusso Wimborne
  • Saturday 27th October 12.30pm-4pm
    Lusso Wimborne
  • Saturday 24th November 12.30pm-4pm
    Lusso Wimborne
  • Saturday 22nd December 12.30pm - 4pm
    Lusso Wimborne

A Lusso retreat is a Transformative Experience that gives you time to Restore, Strengthen and heal.

The guided yoga Inspires you, Increases Strength, Decreases Stress, Gently Realign the Body and Enhances Flexibility of Body, Mind and Soul.

The Fast Paced World we Live in is Encouraging us to Loose Connection between our Body and Mind.

Give us your Time and we will Help you Reestablish the Connection between your Body, Mind and Soul.

The Retreat will Induce Deep Muscular Relaxation, Release Tensions and Anxieties Allowing you to Arrive in a Space of Self Reflection.

Giving you Better Understanding and Control over Emotions…

You Start Letting go of old Negative Habits and Improve overall Psychological Health.

A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom

Lusso Yoga Retreats Dorset

Lusso Retreats are for all Levels.

Use the Retreat to Introduce Yoga to you as a Beginner…

Deepen your Practice for the more Experienced…

Re Introduce Yoga into your life if you have not practiced for a while…

A Typical Retreat:

  • Arrival, Welcome and Orientate.
  • Pranayama / Control of the Breath and Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • A Vinyasa Flow Moving with Grace and Fluidity to Challenge your Bodies Ability to Balance and Stabilise.
  • Moving into Restorative Practice with Guided Visualisations.
  • Enjoy... Complimentary Tea Infusions, Locally Made Organic Cake and Fresh Fruits.
  • Final Shavasana and Yoga Nidra.
  • Goodbye…Emerge Feeling Restored, Rested, Rejuvenated and Ready to Engage back into the World.

Let the Retreat Give the Mind Space to Find Ease and Acceptance as it allows itself to Slow Down, Resulting in a Deeper Sense of Balance and  Pure Calm.

Please Call Lusso Pure Equilibrium on 01202 911262  or
Email For Further Information.

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